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Anyone, anywhere, can create knowledge from public data.
Keedata Workflow

From one-shot scraping projects to industrialized data-mining factories, get quickly on track with a complete toolbox.

Workflow Editor
Create any data scenario
Use the Workflow Editor to build scenarios block by block. Just start thinking about what you wanna do, drag-and drop the needed tasks, configure them, and you're done. Designed to avoid code in an intuitive way. Implemented to allows each task to be Scalable.
Crawler Settings : Link Discovery
Cloud Crawler
Smartly browse websites
Automatic Link Deduplication, Sanitization and Filtering. Get full control over your crawlers behavior : everything is automized and can still be tweaked. Finely tune your crawls to explore only the pages you need, and nothing more. In a matter of minutes.
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Proxy Manager
Streamline your proxy management
During your journey to web-scraping, you'll have to try and use different proxy providers. The Proxy Manager is here to help you keep things organized. It's useful, for example, when you want to dedicate a pool of proxies for your dev purposes, and a main pool for your production projects.

Once proxies are registered, your bots are smartly using and rotating them.
Proxy Manager
Ban Detection
Deal with Anti-Bots
There are many ways to deal with anti-bots. One is to detect when you've been identified as a bot. Symptoms are, for example : you've been redirected to a captcha page, or you've been served a blank page. If that happens, just tell your bot to "retry" that request, with another identity.
Crawler Settings : Retry Policies
Automate your workflows
Once your crawl is functional, you're 1 click away from full automation. If you need it, your workflow can run all day long, beeing restarted every time it stops. Our advanced scheduler can handle many scenarios, so you can setup and forget about your bots.
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Run Reports
Browse your history
Keedata generates an integral report for each of your run. You get 100% of the generated stats, logs and warnings of each of your tasks, so you can identify any trouble that could have happen over time. Logs retention are different in function of your plan, it goes from 1 month in Free to 12 months in Professional.
A run report
Keedata Grid
Explore results by millions
While Excel is not really made to deal with millions of rows, Keedata Grid is. You can easily explore your biggest dataset directly from your browser, applying filters and column sorting. Our infrastructure manages the heavy-lifting, so you won't burn your CPU.
Keedata Grid

Stay in control with your
Data Templates

While point-and-click systems might be more accessible to non-technical persons, as Data Engineers we feel like coding our Data Templates is the way to go.

Meet the Keecode, an easy-to-learn langage inspired by Python, designed for flawless Data Extraction and Transformation.

Online editor with live debugging

Easy casting and manipulations

Executed in Cloud

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Built by scrapers, for scrapers.

Data Hosting

Start scraping now, and instantly feed your provided data storage.

Data Visualization

Conveniently explore your results directly from your browser.

Data Export

Export your results as CSV files, sorted and filtered as you needed.

Fair Pricing

Pay for dedicated resources, and use them as much you want.

Managed Infrastructure

We keep everything up-to-date and monitores the entire stack.

1 click Scalability

Get all your forces on one task, or evenly spread your workers.

Seamless Integrations

Keep 100% ownership over your data, whatever integration you choose.

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  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Create • Read • Update
  • Secured Transfers
Temporary Storage
  • Unlimited rows
  • Create • Update
  • Retention up to 6 months
Aggregate Storage
  • Shared between workflows
  • Create • Update
  • Retention 6 months
CSV Download
  • Unlimited Export
  • Up to 1M rows / file
Push to your API
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • Secured Transfers
Specific Connector
A specific destination in mind ?
Feel free to ask.
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